VA AUXCOMM represents the interests of affiliated volunteer auxiliary communications organizations throughout Virginia and facilitates the inclusion of their contact information.   Volunteers in VA AUXCOMM may be members of ARES, RACES, MARS, VDF or CERT.

The primary purpose of VA AUXCOMM is to provide state emergency officials a comprehensive and up to date listing of volunteer operators with keen interest in providing emergency communications support.  Individuals in VA AUXCOMM have demonstrated a commitment to developing knowledge, interpersonal skills and operating expertise, as required by state emergency managers, in order to work in the State Emergency Operations Center or deploy with state communications assets.  These assets include but are not limited to the a fleet of four Mobile Command Trailers, and other  Deploy-able assets.        

Amateur Radio Operators that show a strong interest in Emergency Communications and demonstrate good interpersonal skills, a professional attitude and mature radio techniques, are eligible to become members of VA AUXCOMM.  These individuals would normally be identified from their work in ARES, RACES, MARS, VA State Guard or CERT.

VA AUXCOMM does not change ARES, RACES, or CERT membership or programs conducted at the County Level.  You are encouraged to continue to support these programs. VA AUXCOMM does not change any other organization’s training or application process.